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Date: 20:40:06 on Friday, January 16, 2009 [Post edited: 20:43:58 03/08/2009]
Name: Hotdog Michael
Subject: Please send your kind thoughts and prayers...

Robert, one of the Mercy Air paramedics/flight nurses who saved Ivy's life sent me an email today...He tells it much better than I can...

"Hello Michael,

I canít believe Iím writing you this but we are trying to reach out for hope in any direction. My partner Mike Boydís wife Sherry is in very critical condition in the ICU at Scripps La Jolla. She has been there for 25 days. He is at her bed side every day and itís not looking good. They have 2 young school age children.

Below is a link to the complete story and a day by day write up like you always wrote. If you might have any encouraging words for Mike I would appreciate it.

Of all the people I know, you and Kathy would understand. Call me anytime and we can talk more about it."

I owe these two gentlemen a debt I can never repay. If you can, please say a prayer for Mike's wife, Sherry. Stop by the site and post a note of encouragement to them...let them know how you were there for Ivy and us all. I know how much it will mean to Mike because I know how much it meant to me.


Thanks so very much,

With my best wishes ALWAYS


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