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Date: 17:47:20 on Wednesday, June 23, 2010
Name: sam warner (samuelwarner@verizon.net)
Subject: Telling the story

Hello Ivy and family,

It does my heart good to read that there are still posts placed on this site.
My daughter Bailey, was asking the story of Ivy today, and I brought her to this site to read some of the amazing journey that your family has traveled over the past years. She doesn't remember sitting in the car as the events unfolded that day on the freeway, or the few years that followed. She does remember the prayers and the name "Ivy" and asked today who she was. I believe, now that she has just turned eight, the story will be remembered. But it was nice, as always, to go to this site and be able to get the updates.
God bless you all,

Sam Warner

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