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Date: 12:30:10 on Friday, December 02, 2011
Name: Email1 bulletins
Subject: Happy Holidays from Suni and LittleWing... :)

Happy Holidays from Suni and LittleWing... :)

All full members should have had their memberships extended to at least 12/31/12... If you are reading this and you didn't get an extension I either made a mistake (let me know!) or you haven't logged in in a long time and I thought you weren't interested... If you are a full member who didn't get an extension and want one let me know... If you don't have a forum or icon and want one, let me know... I can be reached on the Support forum or through the contact form at the bottom of most of the site pages.

I am committed to keeping netHideaway.com open for at least one more year... Current hosting expires on 12/05/11 and I'm readying the credit card to pay the $166.00 needed to keep it going until December of 2012...

This website is my hobby and I've never expected anyone to pay for my hobby... but... if you're inclined to donate it would be appreciated and help ensure the site will continue past 12/05/12...

There is a PayPal donation button on every page of the site (sidebar on some pages and bottom of other pages)... also, if you ever order from Amazon it would be helpful to me if you used our Amazon search form when you search Amazon... I don't get much from Amazon from the seaches but every little bit helps. :)

I hope everyone has a safe and wonderful Christmas and Hanukkah New Year and everything else celebrated this time of year... :)

-Suni, the orange Hermit

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