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Date: 13:15:44 on Thursday, March 14, 2013
Name: Email1 bulletins
Subject: Upgrades to the NetHideaway Community

Upgrades To The Hideaway Community

It has become necessary to add a captcha to our site due to increased spamming.
We will be turning this feature on autmatically to ensure a better experience for us all. Captcha will only be active for those people who are not logged in to NetHideaway, so once you log in it won't affect you. Also, if you have set your forum to "handles only" or "post pre-approval" you can undo all that and make it open to all with no pre-approval... because until the bots figure out a way past the captcha we won't be getting any bot spam, w00t!

Another upgrade, all handles can edit their post now. Members and non-members have 2 hours to edit their posts, plenty of time to re-word or correct if you've made a mistake :)

Our final upgrade this month is the use of Gravatar.com as optional handle icons.
Gravatar.com is a site completely unaffiliated with NetHideaway, which uses the email address you provide to allow you to assign a specific image to it. Gravatar.com is web wide, so
The image you choose will show on any web wide site you post on with that same email address.
For example, If you sign up at Gravatar.com and upload a picture of a vagina to use as your avatar at NetHideaway (which is perfectly acceptable) and then post on your church website (who happens to use gravatar as well) using the same email address that you used at NetHideaway, you will get the vagina picture at the church website.
Also, once you sign up for a Gravatar.com account it will be forever linked to your email and cannot be undone (although you may change the image at any time.)

If you do not understand the use of Gravatar.com we recommend that you stick with our own NetHideaway avatars. We are not responsible for any Gravatar.com errors made by members using that separate service, we have simply made it available here for those who choose to use it.

Thank you for your understanding in this needed upgrade :)
The Hermits

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