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We wish all of you a happy and healthy 2016 and beyond!

Ka-BOOM! and Ka-POW! have left the building.

This has been a difficult decision. After much consideration and many years of delays it has been decided to close the forum. It will not be re-opened.

Thank you for the years of fun, popping, friendship and celebration.

Thank you NetHideaway for giving us wonderful home for so many years. You've been the best!

All C&B logos, titles, artwork, introductions are property of C&B Celebrations LLC. and cannot be used without the owners' written permission.

After 18+ years of C&B we've seen and learned a lot. We've read your posts. We've seen when you've been good and bad. We've been praised. We've been thanked. We've been flamed. We've been threatened. We've had people launch organized attacks on the forum in an attempt to ruin it for everyone or shut it down. We've been asked for advice. We've been asked for friendship. We've been treated as counselors by those who email seeking comfort as they first discover the online fetish community. We've laughed and cried with you. We've kicked a few of you in the rear when you forgot the rules. We've met some of you and had a great time making new friends. We've seen the balloon community go from a small group of people finding each other at Bianca's to an almost mainstream industry.

So many different people from all over the world have walked through our doors making C&B the largest, longest running, open to the public forum in the balloon community. All things must come to an end. Its been quite a ride.

Based on all those years of observation and interaction we offer one last bit of advice - keep this stuff in perspective. They're just balloons.

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