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Champagne & Balloons

This forum is about champagne, balloons, fireworks, anticipation and great sex... all parts of wonderful celebrations of life...if you find these things to be fun or exciting, then please visit often and comment.

C&B was started many years ago as a place where people could come and enjoy their balloon thing, where many could find, for the first time, information and ideas, and where they could get a sense of not being alone in the world.

The rules are very clear here:
1. Stay on topic.
2. Pick one name for yourself and stick with it. 'Anonymous' is not a name. Neither is 'Anon' or other plays on 'Anonymous'.
3. Don't post links to pics of minors. On this forum anyone under the age of 18 is a minor.
4. No flaming.
5. Don't complain about this forum on this forum.
6. No repeat self promotion. Q: What is self promotion? A: If you set up a totally free, non-commercial related at all page to show off your art, photography, youtube videos, picture collection, or similar type site that is in no way connected to any commercial venture, you may post about it ONCE to let people know it is there. You may not post about it repeatedly each time you add something new. The exception to this rule is you may NOT under any circumstances post about your forum, social network, group, club, mailing list or other such meeting place. Why? Because I don't come to your house and invite everyone to come down the street to mine, so I expect you to show me the same respect and not come to my house to announce yours.
7. No commercial advertising! Q: What is commercial advertising? A: If you own the site, work for it, manage it, design it, photograph for it, freelance for it, model for it, or in any way earn money from it, or are a vendor, manufacturer, or work for a vendor or manufacturer posting about your site or product is advertising. The ONLY exceptions to this rule are 1. private individuals selling their old, used original copies of videos-those can be offered for sale once; and 2. non-commercial posters who sometimes look to trade or sell their excess stash to other looners.

Posts which break the rules will simply be removed from the forum. The rules are subject to change and it is up to you to be familiar with the rules by reading the header of this forum. You have the forum email and the C&B Mod Notes board to ask questions or seek assistance, it is up to YOU to use them...and yes, the doors open for public access, but it is not a free for all. If you want this forum to stay, and if you believe that this is a useful and interesting place, then please follow the rules and encourage others to do the same.



Please e-mail balloonforum at yahoo dot com with any questions or problems or leave a note on the C&B Mod Notes forum. Mod Notes can also be used for test posts. If emailing, please be sure to include a subject in the subject line. Emails received without a subject will be treated as spam and deleted without opening. If you are having trouble posting please be sure to include your handle and what you are trying to post. Often we can figure out the problem very quickly if this information is included. Emails from any no reply type email service will also be treated as spam and deleted without opening. If you have something to say to us or think you can tell us what to do, use your own email and handle so we can reply. If you're too cowardly to stand behind your statements and be known, then don't waste your time emailing.

*It is not now and has never been against the rules for forum members to post picture, video, and site finds which may or may not contain copyrighted materials. While we do not approve of piracy, we can't and don't have the time to track which producers care if their stuff is used elsewhere, which sites have given permission to which other sites and for what, how old the content is and if it still falls under copyright law, if the content is already in the public domain enough to be considered available for free use, or what all the content is of every URL posted. If you are a content producer and your stuff is being used without your permission, take it up with the site where your material is being used. Or take it up with their host. They are the ones responsible for the content and removal. Do NOT email me or Suni asking for a link to be removed unless you can provide us with written proof that you own the URL being posted, or you can provide written proof of an injunction you have already received against the individual or company using your materials.

~Adults Only~
*Posts outside the intended use of this forum will be deleted at the discretion of the moderators.

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