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Champagne & Balloons

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Date: 20:16:55 on Friday, March 22, 2013
Name: Jaggy
Subject: Re: Nice Videos

Here's a bunch of vk.com links with balloon / inflatable content:

They were found by simply writing
site: vk.com loon
in google.com

http://vk.com/videos170160949 (19 videos)
http://vk.com/videos-29902734 (15 videos)
http://vk.com/videos168340601 ( 8 videos)
http://vk.com/videos167971469 (20 videos)
http://vk.com/videos180870563 (86 videos)
http://vk.com/videos162052934 (347 videos)
http://vk.com/videos171822244 (703 videos)
http://vk.com/videos52590529 ( 6 videos)
http://vk.com/videos202763568 (306 videos)
http://vk.com/videos195104627 ( 75 videos)
http://vk.com/videos190122962 ( 18 videos)
http://vk.com/videos199364086 ( 99 videos)
http://vk.com/videos201259868 (149 videos)
http://vk.com/videos191766340 ( 23 videos)
http://vk.com/videos197621775 ( 57 videos)
http://vk.com/videos167432409 (982 videos)

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