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Balloons & More

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This forum is about your love for balloons, bubblegum, condoms, inflatables, anticipation and yes even the great sex that is included.

I'm creating a place so we all can discuss our balloon love, where you still can't find, even in 2016. So please let you be you, and let your love flow or should I say float.

As many of you know we lost a great place for that in C&B early in 2016. It was a place I came to daily mostly for the latest finds, a chat, and stories of others experiences and love for the world of balloons and etc.

Now for the rules are very clear here: Stay on topic. Pick one name for yourself and stick with it. Don't post links to pics of minors (anyone under the age of 18 is a minor). No flaming. Don't complain this forum. This will get you removed and banned.

The doors are open for anyone, but this is not and I repeat, not a place to bash others or spam it to death. This is still my forum, so it's my rules...and that is that. If you want this forum to stay, and you find it to be useful and interesting, then all I ask is that you to do is please follow the rules.


Loon Popper

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  1. Where have you been - ball00nd00d 19:30:23 08/05/2016 (1)
  2. Happy You create a Forum for Looners - Ezio54ve 04:45:00 08/05/2016 (1)
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