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Date: 08:37:18 on Friday, September 15, 2017
Name: popularburster (popularburster@yahoo.com)
Subject: 2 Fearless Stepsisters Get Their Revenge!

When I was 2 years old and an only child, my Dad and I lost my Mum. Obviously it took years for us to get over this, but eventually Dad met gorgeous Sarah. Soon after, a wedding followed complete with balloon drop - where my fears became apparent to everyone at the reception!
Along with Sarah's two equally pretty daughters Rachel and Samantha, the five of us lived together in a detached house Dad and his new wife bought between them. By this time I was aged 7, with my two new stepsisters being 14 and 15. Samantha and her daughters were (and still are) tall, slim leggy girls who love wearing stilettos, and keeping their nails long and sharp - all of which helped display fearlessness at the wedding!
Although Rachel & Samantha had steady boyfriends for a few months, there was always a que of suiters wanting to date them, and if they preferred one of their latest offers, it was 'out with the old and in with the new!'
Shortly after my 8th birthday, our family of five went on holiday to Pontins in Wales, and while there my two older sisters were VERY POPular with teenaged boys - and one thing led to another!
Being naive, I didn't realise that what happened on holiday stayed on holiday and that Dad nor Step mum knew anything of the girls Welsh antics - so in conversation I LET IT SLIP! There was uproar in our house, with both girls grounded for a month.
Up to this point, I'd gotten on well with my older stepsisters, but now it was a very different story and they both wanted revenge. It was obvious either one could flatten me, but the consequences from both parents would be dire to say the least - so the girls hatched another plan......
Both parents worked 9 till 5, so I would go to after school club till 3.30 and then walk home to be looked after by my Sisters who were home by 3.45.
This particular day, when the dust had settled (or so I thought) Rachel let me through the front door, and as usual I went up to my bedroom to get changed. This was an 'L' shaped room with a little corridor before the main space on the the left. As I turned left, a sight greeted me - around 50 tightly inflated loons (what I now think were 12, 14 and 16"s) Before I could panic, the girls closed the door behind me - one in short denim shorts and converse trainers, and the other a denim mini skirt hanging just above the knee - with wedges on her feet. These two were dressed for bursting, and what I'd forgotten was that they were both in the middle of exams so home that afternoon to prepare. Rachel and Samantha looked at me and explained that they needed to 'clean up' before parents were home. It would be embarrassing to have balloons around when our folks came back, but at the same time I was shaking like a leaf!
Both girls lifted a leg to waist height above a bulging 16" each, and held it there for what seemed like an eternity - at which point I was in tears cowering in a corner looking out of one eye so I would have some kind of warning. Then the stomping started, and in the blink of and eye 5, then 10 and maybe 15 loons had gone until it stopped. At this point I tried to run passed Rachel, but she threw me to the ground and pinned my arms by my side under her legs with her knees holding my cheeks. Then Samantha placed a 16" at either side of my head next to my ears and launched her athletic legs into the air so that her wedges would finish off the two (yellow and red) balloons. This was the first time I had seen a skirt fly up! A millisecond after this, Rachel pressed another loon against my face and began teasing it with her nails. She was an expert at this, so in less than 10 seconds she needed another victim - there were still plenty (apart from the 2nd pair professionally executed by Sara's feet/my head) This went on until the girls swapped positions -and continued till all balloons were banged. As I was an emotional wreck, they did clear up the shards just before our folks arrived home!

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