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Date: 17:10:10 on Wednesday, October 18, 2017
Name: Deej.
Subject: Q24 Stock

Hey everyone,

I know that the discontinuation of the Qualatex 24" is a blow to many of us in this community.

I've never been a huge fan of this particular balloon, but I wanted to help if others are still looking for the remaining stock that's out there.

If you've found places still selling them, please chime in!

I was just visiting Dallas, TX yesterday and picked up a few bags at a place called HICO which is near Love Field. They still have probably a dozen boxes left of various colors (I forget the quantity listed per box, but probably around 500-1000 individual balloons all told). They are sold in bags of 5 for $6.00. They accepted cash for a personal purchase, and were very easy to work with.

So if you're traveling through the DFW area, definitely a place to check out.



HICO Helium & Balloons of Dallas

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