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Date: 16:41:34 on Monday, December 11, 2017
Name: Balloon_blowing Loon Popper
Subject: Re: Senior Looners

Just turned 36 in November, and I too remember classic sites such as BalloonGirls, Nikodite, Mystery Balloon Woman, Gothballoons, etc.

I didn't find out however until I was 19, and it was one month after 9/11. I stumble on some stuff on the web, I knew I like seeing girls blow/pop balloons as well as bubblegum, but never knew it was sexual or at least a fetish.....

And I too was a lurker during my HS days, a loner and very shy, especially around the girls and the girls I was attracted too, I wish I could go back and be more open, I may have had better teenage days, was continuously bullied and teased. So imagine if word got out if I found girls playing with and bursting balloons attractive???? It wouldn't have been a good thing but I recall a lot of encounters with them having and bursting balloons. Great days in secretive and lurker mode, lol.

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