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Date: 17:58:00 on Monday, November 27, 2017
Name: stormbubble (stormbubble05@yahoo.com)
Subject: Balloon on head

Seems like I remember a guy posted on champagne and balloons one time about how he put either a SA 24 or 36 balloon on his head and would inflate it like a latex glove on your head, or maybe have it already inflated like a climb in balloon. I don't quite remember, but now it seems if I want to try that- you can't exactly find them. Anybody else have experience with putting a balloon over their head that is smaller than the climb in balloon? It would have to be stretchy i'm guessing. Thanks!

Also, I'm the admin of the bubble gum community if I'm allowed to post a link, we just opened new forums and would love to have you. Some of the domains aren't receiving the validation email so just contact me to validate if you have trouble. thanks

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