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Date: 12:03:23 on Monday, December 04, 2017 [Post edited: 12:26:15 12/04/2017]
Name: Balloon_green Mike The Bouncer
Subject: Welcome Gunnapop...

Thanks for stopping by, enjoy!

This board has been active for almost two years now, January 3rd, 2016 to be exact.

Suni was kind enough to allow new boards to be created on Nethideaway and helped me get started. I was no HTML expert so I had to learn on-the-fly.

I visit this board every single day to moderate, although I may not respond immediately. I even moderate from my phone sometimes... the future is now!

I will keep this board or a variation of it going as long as the internet lets me. I will even go back to a snail-mail newsletter if I have to!

Thanks again,

Mike The Bouncer

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