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Date: 21:57:02 on Wednesday, March 17, 2021
Name: joe_blow94 (joe_blow94@hotmail.com)
Subject: So..You Like tyin' 'Em up .Huh ? Balloon Bondage?

looks Like Copy and Paste I Think for these .

I stumbled onto some pictures of “ Over_size Mouse Ear Balloons “ for sale on aliExpress or Something.

t seems they had a Comments Or Feedback sections where people could show Photos of their Use w/ ( ?? ) Descriptions !

Some people who bought these Balloons left their impression on use .One ‘ Gent ‘ Appears to claim that these Big Balloons could be inflated Tighter , Bigger - Yielding a Bigger, Better ( And more Appealing } Explosion , if lashed or Impeded by / through the Back Lattice of a chair . … Guess he got a ‘ Bigger Bang for his Buck ‘ this way !

Is this a new Ballon sex offshoot ? You Know - Poppers , Non Poppers and now … Balloon-Sex Bondage or Sado_Machism Balloonism ?

Let us Know your thoughts on these Photos .

And Remember to ‘ KEEP BLOWING ‘ !!






Sorry -Had to Use Screen Grabs .

Balloon Bondage

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