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Date: 11:12:32 on Sunday, January 03, 2016
Name: Hermit
Subject: Tips for New Board Owners

Go into your board editor, then Board setup page. Check "yes" for "Activity notification". You will now get an email whenever someone makes a top level post in your board.

If you have a moderator, go into your board editor, then Select/Remove Moderators. Add the name of the moderator. The moderator cannot have a board of their own. For example, if you are POP-O-RAMA, this is where you'd add Mike the Bouncer as a moderator.

If you have a moderator, go into board editor, Moderator setup page and select which functions you want the moderator to have. Of course, if you're moderating your own board you probably want to check yes to everything.

For both your board handle as well as your mod handle, go into the handle editor. For each handle do the following:

Check "yes" for "Notify me in e-mail if there is a response to one of my posts".

With your mod handle, go into the handle editor and put your board URL into the "Icon links to:" box. For example, my board URL is /members/Suni. Yours would be /members/randomboardhandle (or whatever your handle is).

You can also change your icon in the handle editor.

Handle Editor:
Board Editor:

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