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Date: 12:46:30 on Sunday, November 06, 2016
Name: Avatar Hermit
Subject: No subject

Update for forum owners:

There were a couple glitchy things going on behind the scenes that I believe I have fixed now.

First of all, there was a problem editing the forums. Any changes made did not take place immediately and sometimes not for several hours. This was very frustrating for anyone trying to edit the HTML in their forum or other pages. Iím almost 100% sure we wonít be having that problem anymore. Now that Iíve fixed it your changes to the HTML in your member area should take effect immediately upon saving your work. If you make a change and it doesnít show up right away let me know and Iíll continue to look into the issue.

Another problem in the forum controls was that IPís were not being displayed correctly. For security reasons I wonít go into this much further but if youíre a board owner you probably know what Iím talking about. Iím 99% sure Iíve fixed this and IPís should display properly as of the date of this bulletin.

An issue I havenít fixed yet and probably wonít try to fix is the in-your-face pink page with an error message (donít remember the exact error now) we sometimes get when we try to edit certain things in the forum controls. This error page is an annoyance but the edits/deletions/changes do go through so weíre probably going to have to learn to live with this one. Again, if your changes don't go through let me know and I'll try to look into it.

I think I took care of the two big ones but if anyone runs across any errors or glitches that I havenít mentioned please let me know.

Update for Community Members:

There might not be many of us left but Iím going to try to maintain the upkeep on the site and try to make sure everything is working as intended. I hope everyone has a great holiday season. December 5th will mark our 9th year. It looks like weíre going to make it to 10 years after all.


p.s. if youíre a board owner and donít like this post in your forum, just delete it. The deletion wonít offend anyone. :)

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